Silver Leader


then ₦3,500.00 per Month for 2 more Months

This is an awe-inspiring package that will expose you to all you need to step into your leadership upgrade. It is a fundamental paradigm shifting beginning for your leadership development journey. If you need a practical guide, and a simple but clear pathway to move your leadership upwards, as well as provide a community of other leaders to hold your hands along this journey, then this is for you. You will have full access to all our courses within the membership, awe-inspiring content, plus podcast. And this package automatically enrolls you into your specific coaching crew based on the level your leadership profile assessment shows. You will be glad you made this choice as you will come to master how to lead yourself effectively, the fundamental principle, the value and skill required to gain mastery in personal leadership, as well as an in-depth understanding and practice of personal power, personal vision, and personal management.

Gold Leader


then ₦5,000.00 per Month for 2 more Months

This package is for leaders who want to elevate their leadership mastery beyond the SILVER LEADER package. You can shift gear into a higher momentum by walking closer with O’NEILL, and a closer circle of other extraordinary leaders. The GOLD LEADER package offers you a more intensive leadership coaching that builds upon the personal and interpersonal level of leadership mastery at the SILVER LEADER package level, but more specifically focuses on ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP growth, TRANSPERSONAL LEADERSHIP and TRANSGENERATIONAL leadership development. You will have the access to a more intensive coaching session with O’NEILL, where you can pick his brain on your leadership projects and glean insights from other members of this small group, gain live streaming access to the group coaching hangouts and exclusive webinars.