About Leadership Growth Pathways

About Leadership Growth Pathways

The LEADPRO Network coaching methodology is designed around five leadership growth pathways which is original to the founder IJOMAH O’NEILL .

The leadership growth pathway is a five-step sequential, yet simultaneous leadership values and skills development process that leads to leadership mastery on a personal, professional and business levels.

The sequential progress means that everyone starts their leadership development by understanding the underlying fundamental principle at the first level, cultivating the values that support it, and practicing the skills that are required at that level before moving progressively to the subsequent level to do the same.

Yet, the simultaneous progress means that our leadership development does not happen exclusively at one level of development. No matter the level of principle, value and skill we have perfected on a level, leadership tests and challenges from all other levels of growth are presented to us regardless.

Our goal is to work with the resources in each leadership growth pathway so that you are growing in the way that is most suited to your current reality, however, you can access all the resources in other pathways too.

You will find the specific pathway that deals directly with where you are on your leadership development as you go back and forth along the phases at different seasons of your leadership growth.

Personal Leadership

This is where everyone should start their leadership development and it is the most fundamental and at the base of the leadership pyramid.

  • You are currently wondering how to stay motivated and focused on your goals
  • You want to clarify exactly what leadership really is in the face of myriads of definitions and approaches
  • You want to clearly uncover your purpose in life, envision your best self and possibilities in life, be on a mission that is clear, and daily discipline your life to achieve your chief aim in the long run
  • You want to gain control over yourself emotionally and make decisions that are congruent with your life mission
  • You want to get an handle on the functional principle, value and skill for personal effectiveness
  • You want to gain personal freedom from negative habits and relationships

Interpersonal Leadership

This is the second level on the leadership development pyramid and it’s the ideal leadership growth pathway for those who want to master leading other people

  • You want to understand the basics of human motivation and why people follow others
  • You want to develop your ability to adapt to different people and situations  without loosing your core values or adopting their values
  • You are seeking how to unlock the potential of your team and engage high performance without manipulating them or using underhanded fear techniques
  • You desire to have relationships in every aspect of your life that are healthy and not burdensome, with clear roles and responsibilities that people are willing and committed to execute
  • You want to help people reach their full potential and experience the fruits of a purpose driven life while working with you on a common personal or corporate vision
  • You want be effective in your leadership at any level of relationship within or outside a corporate setting. Whether as boss, colleague or subordinate position.

Organizational Leadership

This is the third leadership growth pathway and it is management intensive. Leading yourself focuses on you personally and leading others focuses on building working and healthy relationships but leading organization is focused on the systems, structures, and processes that maximizes productivity.

  • You want to learn how to transform relationships into a working agreement with specific end game in mind
  • You want to learn how to create a structural framework for an organization so that there are clear lines of workflow and no duplication of efforts
  • You want to learn to delegate task properly, empower your team to produce result in record time and create a culture of accountability in your home, business, or any other organization
  • You want to learn how to recruit the right worker for your organization, how to position them appropriately for effective productivity and how to train and retrain your team to improve performance
  • You want to improve your personal productivity by learning how to create, adapt, and reinvent systems that aid growth and improve bottom-line
  • You want to learn and master how to run and operate multiple interests and organizations concurrently from one working and connected operating management system

Transpersonal Leadership

From this leadership growth pathway, your leadership takes an exponential leap. The transpersonal leadership growth pathway is aimed at multiplying your leadership competence through mentoring and coaching other leaders of organizations.

  • You want to transcend the boundaries and limitations of your current leadership position and responsibility to be able to raise effective leaders across different sectors of the economy
  • You want to learn the key techniques of reproducing effective leaders who can in turn raise other leaders in your organization in the long run
  • You want to take your business prototype to new markets without compromising the quality of the product or customer experience
  • You want to sustain the standard of leadership in your organization through out the various cadres  of management
  • You want to reproduce quality leadership competence in people irrespective of their background, personality, experience and industry
  • You want to become a leadership coach

Transgenerational Leadership

The final leadership growth pathway is the transgenerational leadership growth pathway, this is for those who want to institute a culture of leadership in their personal or work life so that leadership development is easily aided and proliferated from one generation to the next.

  • You want to ensure that leadership becomes a culture in your family, business or society irrespective of who is in charge
  • You want to create a culture  that abhors mediocrity and rewards excellence
  • You want to leave a legacy of leadership for generations to come
  • You want your life and work to be well integrated in values and to become an icon of leadership excellence across board