Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Anybody who is determined to live a productive life must first discover their purpose and envision the full manifestation of their lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. The only strategy to actualize your vision is leadership and LEADPRO NETWORK is definitely the coaching you need.
Our enrollment cycle run quarterly. You can sign up right away by clicking the sign-up link and following the instructions.
You have access to all courses and programs depending on the package you subscribed for. This could be monthly, quarterly or yearly.
We discourage deferments, however, on special grounds of health or any other serious emergency, we might consider it.

Programs & Courses

Our flagship programs are stand-alone courses that are open to everybody irrespective of their non-membership in the LEADPRO NETWORK. These special courses are designed to provide coaching insights on a general range of pertinent subjects of life. The LEADPRO NETWORK is our subscription-based, members only coaching community where you have access to our courses and a close network of other participating members and trainers.
Our learning platforms is accessible to you for all the contents you need, you can use your mobile devices or computer. And purchasing any of the membership packages gives you access to premium content and specialized coaching sessions.
Our courses are self-paced videos and/or text-based courses delivered in either short or lengthy durations depending on the need. Most courses can take up to a few hours to complete.
We are a global community of visionary leaders from all parts of the world. Though you may be unable to attend live events if you are outside Nigeria, but you can participate fully in everything going on via coaching calls, webinars and online events.
Sure, you can send an email within the first 5 days from enrollment in LEADPRO Network if you choose to opt out and we would make a full refund.

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