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Leadership Growth Pathways

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About LeadPro

About LeadPro

LEADPRO Network is a tech-driven global leadership coaching community founded by IJOMAH O’NEILL with the primary aim of training and connecting dedicated individuals and groups.

Helping them to unleash their highest selves per time and maximizing their leadership effectiveness and productivity in the five fundamental aspects of human lives.

Our coaching framework covers leadership development in the areas of your faith, your work, your relationships, your health and your finances.

What we do

What we do

The LEADPRO Network web platform gives us the opportunity to build a one-stop leadership resource center for our growing global community through memberships, to access the plethora of relevant tools for their transformation and the reinvention of a purposeful and well-integrated life with the proper priorities at the core.

We offer specialized courses, intensive coaching programs, and conferences.


Expert Coaching

Knowledge alone hardly matters. To be successful, what you need is Expertise.


Achieve rapid yet significant progress; connect with, and learn from others.

Quality Courses

Get premium courses, intensive coaching sessions and exclusive webinars.

Impact Conferences

Engage in collaborative professional conferences to increase personal results.

What Others Say About Us

What Others Say About Us

Ettah Clifford

Business Developer

“ Every minute spent with a coach is supposed to help you better; that’s what you get with Ijomah O’Neill through the LeadPro Network. In just over a year, I’ve experienced REAL growth!”

About O'Neill

About O'Neill

IJOMAH O’NEILL is a transformational leadership coach, author, and training facilitator with a pragmatic and principle-based cutting-edge delivery techniques, having over twenty years cumulative coaching and consulting experience in leadership, business management and relationship coaching.

He works with leaders, c-suite executives and senior management teams on an individual and team level, to create sustainable high performance and achieve significant bottom line improvements.

He is the CEO of POCH organization, a publishing and consulting company, and the lead pastor of The Bridge Church International.

Some of his published books are:

  • Four important decisions
  • Your greatest asset
  • Managing your talent for success, and
  • Successful relationships.